Vex Best Acts

Vex is a popular online game, as it is a good combination of simplicity and complexity. The game looks simple, but the acts of the game keep getting difficult as you reach the new levels of the game. The game can be found on many different gaming websites, including the official site. Here are the best acts in various levels:

  •  The first level is the easiest one and focuses basically to guide you through the instructions on playing the game. Whenever a new kind of obstruction is introduced in the game, the instructions are provided properly in the game itself.
  • Shurikens are introduced in the second level. They are thrown at you to break the flow of the game. You can jump towards or away from the wall to avoid the shurikens. When shurikens are thrown in a line, you can simply jump and avoid them.
  • The second level even introduces the round blade. If you mistimed the jump you will end up hitting the blade. You even need to cross the building under water.
  • Level 3 introduces the swinging round blades, which you must avoid while jumping.
  • In Level 3, you have to come down from the building through the spikes and pass through a small passage which has spikes too. Crossing this area of the game requires great jumping skills.


  • Level 4 introduces the brown boxes, which can be pushed around. This brown box can also be used to get past the obstacles.
  • Level 5 has a black box which can be opened by a key. It is placed somewhere nearby. The key must be found and brought near the box to open it.
  • In Level 6, the round blade increases in size; hence, it becomes difficult to get past them.
  • In Level 7, the spinning blades keep changing in size. You must wait for the blade’s size to reduce. When the blade size reduces you can then go further.
  • In the same level, the spinning blades move back and forth when you are climbing the building. You must time your move perfectly so that you can avoid these blades.


  • The key to open the box has to be collected, which is placed near the spinning blade. However, the blade is bigger in size and you must wait for it to become small to get the key.
  • Level 8 introduces the turrets that keep firing at you. You must avoid them if you want to go further by using the moving boxes as a shield to avoid getting hit by turrets.

Playing the game of Vex is a great experience as you come across lot of thrills while you play each level. Enjoy!


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