Scary Maze Game For Android

You can find tens of millions of games online. Some of them are great, and some are boring. I personally like playing scary games. They are never boring, and there are many of them. You can find scary games on almost any gaming portal. These days many people spend more time playing on their smartphone – so here are some good news : there are plenty of great mobile scary games you can play on the go !

For example, you can Play Scary Maze Game on your Android phone. This app is amazing because it actually combines over 10 different scary games – including the scary maze. Instead of downloading many different scary games to your device, just install this app once and that’s it. I heard that in the future even more games will be added to it. The app is really nice – easy to use and the mini games are excellent. You have to earn enough stars to unlock each scary game.


If you have an iPhone - no worries. You can find many scary games in Apple’s App Store. These games are really fun, and you can even install them on your tablet or iPad ! When I am bored, I just take my tablet or smartphone out and play few scary games. I always make sure the volume is high, because I really like getting scared. I know that many of you will actually mute the phone – and that’s fine. I am brave :)


If you don’t have a smartphone or tablet – just play scary games online ! As I mentioned – there are many of them and you can play them for free ! So, what are you waiting for? By the way, you can also scare your friends with these games. For example – using the Scary Maze Game. Send them a link to this game, and wait ! On YouTube and Vimeo you can find many videos of people playing scary games and SCREAM ! Many of these videos are super funny ! I will attach one of them here :

If you came across other cool scary games (including mobile ones) – share it with me. Just comment below or send me a message. I am pretty sure that I already played most scary games online, but maybe you will surprise me. Oh, and I almost forgot to tell you – few days ago I attached my smartphone to my TV (a big one) and played the Scary Maze on it. It was super cool ! You should try that as well. If you have a Samsung Smart TV, you can do it without cables (and the setup is really easy).

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