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Some information about  Mario Crossover games you can play online

Super Mario Crossover and the improved Super Mario Bros Crossover ver. 2.0 are 2 very similar games. They have both been created by the same group of hardcore old school gamers. Both are essentially a tribute to the games of old and most importantly both are very fun to play!

What they’re about

Super Mario crossover put classic video game characters into a classic Mario game. In Super Mario Crossover the game is the very first Mario game. In Super Mario Bro crossover (Super Mario  crossover 2) , it’s Super Mario for the old NES system. Old school gamers will have a blast playing both games.

The Characters

Here is the complete total character cast breakdown from the two games.

Characters from the first game:


The classic plumber who has defined a generation of video games.


The classic robot from Capcom’s Megaman series.

Samus Aran from Metroid:

The classic bounty hunter from Metroid.

Simon Belmont from Castlevania:

Castlevania’s whip wielding hero.

Bill R. from Contra.

The old soldier from Contra

Link from the Legend of Zelda:

The original hero of adventure RPGs

Characters from the second game( the characters from the first game are also playable in the second game ).

Bass from Megaman 10

He’s got a better gun than Megaman but plays the same.

Ryu Hayabusa from Ninja Gaiden:

The original side scrolling ninja

Sophia III from Blaster Master

She’s a girl with a really cool car


Mario’s brother


The gameplay is where these 2  flash games really shine. The game plucks these characters from their old games and sets them down on a Mario game. The old side scrolling, run, jump, and shoot gameplay of old  Mario games is still there but the nice thing here is, the characters play, and control exactly as they would from their old games.

See Simon Belmont whip an opponent into shape. Or how about Megaman or Bass shooting a turtle from Mario’s world with their blasters? Or Bill R. shooting down multiple opponents with his machine gun? It’s all here and more!

Extra stuff

Not only do the characters play exactly as they did in their old games another nice thing added in the second game is there are a lot of skins for the characters. This makes them sport different looks. The skins are usually throwbacks from their past games or even different characters who were also in their games. This will surely add to the memories and nostalgia. Finishing both games and achieving certain goals will also unlock cheats in the game. Some cheats are useful while some actually make the games harder to play. There’s also some minor differences in the two games. The most notable difference is in the second game, not all characters can stomp on the enemies anymore like Mario in the first game. There is however a cheat to unlock the ability again.

Graphics and Presentation

Because we’re talking about old school gaming here, you can’t expect great graphics. But that’s not even the point of this game. It’s all about bringing back the good old days when video games were still very young and not a multi billion industry played by millions worldwide. It’s all about memories and nostalgia and these 2 games deliver all that and a lot of fun too.

Age Appropriateness

Even though there’s  a lot of shooting going on, it’s clearly not overtly or realistically violent so parents will surely be able to let their kids play these games with no worry whatsoever.  A lot of parents will even find themselves playing too because it will surely remind them of the good old days.



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