Mario Crossover Cheats

Mario Crossover is a great game that pays homage to great games in the past and brings most of their characters together. It’s a fun romp that gives you the chance to play as old characters that you grew up with in a time when video games were still on the way up. Playing these characters in a game where they all can shine is a welcome experience for gamers of all ages.

 The Cheats:

If you’re having a bit of a difficult time you can use these cheats to help you get through the game. Some of the cheats are pretty useful, some are cheap, and some actually make the game more difficult to play. Following are some greats you can use for the game and how they are unlocked:

Level Select:

You can select any level anywhere and play there.

Finish both games Mario Crossover and the newer version on Hard difficulty

Ground bricks:

Turn all of the ground into bricks. Finish Super Mario Bros.

All Hammer Bros:

Turn all your enemies into hammer bros. Finish Super Mario special

All weapons can pierce:

You can defeat armored enemies easily with this. Simply finish the game on any difficulty and defeat 200 armored enemies.

Always destroy bricks:

you can destroy bricks no matter who you are. Unlock this by breaking 1000 bricks and finishing the game on any difficulty.

Bouncy Pits:

This will cause characters to bounce off pits. Unlock this by stomping 200 games and finishing the game on any difficulty.

Old School Simon Jump:

This causes Simon’s jump to be stiff so there is no air control. It’s a default cheat that can be activated anytime.

Classic screen scroll:

The screen cannot scroll left. It is also always unlocked.

Classic Samus:

Prevents Samus from crouching into a ball in mid-air. It is always unlocked.

Everyone can stomp on the enemies:

This allows everyone to stomp on enemies. This is always unlocked.

Evil Hammer Bros:

All hammer bros in a level will chase you immediately. Defeat 50 hammer bros and finish the game on any difficulty.

Extra checkpoints:

Adds more checkpoints to levels. Unlock by finishing a castle.

Infinite Ammo:

Collect 200 ammo pickups to get infinite ammo

Infinite lives:

In order to get infinite lives finish the game without continuing.

Infinite Time:

Removes timer in the levels. Simply finish a level.


Allows you to take no damage and just run through enemies. Defeat 1000 enemies and finish the game on any difficulty.

Water mode:

Move as though you were swimming. Defeat 300 cheep cheeps.


 Have Fun!


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