Mario Crossover 4

Mario Crossover 4 is the a great game to play if you’re a longtime fan of video games. If you’re missing the good old days of video gaming with old school retro characters look no further Mario Crossover 4 is the game for you.

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How it plays

Mario crossover 4 brings together a cast of old time great classic video game characters led by Mario himself. You can select any of them and then they are playable on Super Mario 1. The beauty of the game is that each character actually plays the way they used to on their old games here. The effect is quite refreshing and fun. See Simon Belmont from Castlevania whip up turtles and other enemies in Mario to shape. See Megaman blast the turtes with his peashooter. They’re all here!

Selectable Characters

Mario: Mario is still the main character in this game and he plays exactly as h used to in his old game. It’s still the same running, jumping, and coin collecting Mario. As always collect a mushroom to grow in size and get a flower for an extra fireball shooting ability.

Simon:  Simon Belmont still employs his whip as he did from Castlevania. Use the whip to hit opponents or use his secondary weapon the axe. Simon can also do a double jump if you press X two times in mid air. Pretty useful for reaching high platforms.

Samus: Samus from Metroid also plays as he used to in his previous game. His blaster has very short range but if you collect a mushroom it’s range will increase. He can also turn into a ball by pressing down and the jump button. While in this form he can release mines by pressing the fire button. Just be careful as he can still be hit by opponents in his ball form.

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Link: Link from the Legend of Zelda, also has his patented sword and boomerang. His sword is very short so it’s good idea to use his special weapon, his boomerang by pressing S. This will stun his opponents and give him time to move in and stab them. Link is also the smallest character in the game and also without a double jump. So reaching tall platforms may be a bit of a chore.

Megaman: Megaman is still all about running, jumping and firing. He can fire a stronger blast by holding the fire button and releasing it. He can also do a slide by pressing the down and jump buttons. He also does not have a double jump.

Bill R: Bill R. from Contra is probably the strongest character in the game. This is because his gun retains all it’s powers from the Contra series. Collect a flower and watch it wipe out the enemies as it gains power. Watch out for the spreadshot ability which can fire multiple shots all over the screen. It was designed for a lot more enemies in Contra but here in this game you can really wipe out all your enemies with it.


If you’re looking for good graphics look elsewhere as these are retro game characters. But if you are, you’re also missing the point. This game is not about great graphics but about having a great time and playing old characters in their classic styles. And doing this, the game truly shines.

Even though there’s a lot of shooting going on, these are retro games and any kid would love to see them. They are not overtly violent so any kid can play them without any parent really getting worried.


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