Mario Crossover 2

Mario Crossover 2 is the game to play if you’re a great fan of old school gaming. If you grew up with Mario and other classic games now is your chance to play them all at once in one game in Mario Crossover 2. Characters that just about all gamers are familiar with make an appearance and get together in this awesome game.

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What it is

Mario crossover is a game that combines elements and characters of old familiar games and brings them together in Super Mario 1, the original game for the Super Famicom. If you’ve played videogames frequently or grew up on them the characters in Mario crossover 2 should be immediately familiar. Led by Mario himself these characters provide the gamer with endless excitement and gameplay thrills. Different characters have different abilities in this game and therefore some are easier to use than others. It’s a good idea to pick a character that suits your style of play for this game.

Cast of Characters:

Mario: Mario is the main character in this game as he should be. He probably has the most balanced and straight up style of play here. Simply because the game was tailor made for him in the first place, Mario is a great choice for veteran gamers. His gameplay is still the same old Mario gameplay gamers have grown accustomed to. Run, jump over obstacles, collect power ups and stomp opponents along the way. 

Simon: Castlevannia was always a game that tested your reflexes and timing and once Simon was ported over in this game, the result is the same skill and timing based style from Castlevania. Control Simon and have him run and jump over opponents and obstacles. By pressing the jump button twice in mid-air he can actually do a double jump. And collecting flowers will increase his axe count giving him the ability to throw a lot more axes.

Samus: Samus the main character from Metroid is quite difficult to use in this game. His gun has very short range. It can be increased if you collect a power up but he cannot fire while crouching which most characters can do. He can curl up like a ball and roll if you press down with the jump key but you can’t roll over opponents. Just like Megaman when he slides, if you roll and an opponent tags you, it’s still damage taken. He can however lay mines while in ball form.

mario crossover 2

Link: Link from the Legend of Zelda has a great special weapon, his boomerang. It’s great for stunning enemies and keeping them in place. While they are stunned he can stab them with his sword. It’s a great way to finish off enemies. He is however, quite short in the game and his jumps lack some power and height.

Megaman: Megaman’s gun can fire a sustained burst by pressing, holding and releasing the fire button. He can also do a slide the same way Samus rolls into a ball by holding the down button while jumping. His gun is standard and his jump lacks height but Megaman is still a balanced character in this game.

Bill R: Bill R. from Contra is hands down the best character to use in this game. His gun gives him a lot of firepower and when it’s powered up by collecting a flower, it retains all it’s crazy powers from the Contra games. Watch out for the spreadshot ability which can literally mow down all your opponents effortlessly. Bill’s a great character to use if you’re not used to the retro gaming style of play.

Whether you’re reminscing or out for some gaming fun this is a great game to pick up and play.


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