Mario Crossover 1

Mario fans and fans of retro gaming rejoice! Mario Crossover a nonprofit game made solely by old school gamers for the love of old games that they grew up on is here! If you’re a fan of these games and if you grew up on these games, there is no way you won’t love this game. This game is absolutely the bomb for retro gamers.

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How it’s played

Super Mario Crossover 1 is what the title says it is. It’s a crossover of various classic games and the platform where they converge is the first mario game on the super famicom. Various classic characters from great games of the past are selectable here to play in Super Mario 1, including Mario himself. Mario leads a superstar cast of gaming characters. The roll call reads like a who’s who of gaming superstars. And the coolest part of the game is, they’re not just static skins with the same abilities. All characters retain their abilities from their previous games. You can just imagine how cool it is seeing Megaman gun down a turtle with his blaster.

Because of this various characters have various special abilities and all are played differently. Some really become easier to use in the game especially if you’re not used to the old school  jump, bonk and shoot gameplay from games of the past. It’s this unique gameplay and individual ability of the classic characters that make many fans say that this is one of the best flash games ever.

The characters

Mario: Mario leads this cast of retro all stars. Along with Megaman, he has the most straightforward and therefore balanced style of gameplay. He can run faster by pressing x while running and can shoot fireballs with the x button if he has a flower power-up. Very standard stuff that a lot of gamers know by heart.

mario crossover characters

Simon: Unfortunately Simon actually plays a little weakly compared to the other characters. His whip has very short range and his abilities aren’t really that great. Castlevania was always a game that emphasized skill and timing, and it really shows with his limited repertoire of abilities. Still Simon can be great at the hands of an expert retro gamer. Z in mid air does a double jump. He can throw axes by pressing s. Collecting the flower power up will have him throw more axes just like the hearts in his native Castlevania game.

Samus: Samus Aran the bounty hunter from Metroid is actually a bit difficult to use but also fairly balanced. His gun has very short range but if you get a flower, the range increases. Also if you hold down he will curl up into a ball. Pressing x while in ball mode releases a bomb. Sadly you can’t steamroll all over opponents in ball form. If you get tagged in this form, you still take damage and the chance for a game over which is a bit sad. But like Simon, in the hands of a master he can still be great.

Link: Link from the Legend of Zelda makes a great appearance here. Link’s special weapon, his boomerang is pretty strong in this game. It can stun enemies their tracks and when stunned he can finish them off with stabs from his sword. Press S to activate his useful boomerang.

Megaman: Megaman’s pea shooter can be charged and he can fire a sustained charged blast by holding the x button. But he has to collect a flower first. He can also do a slide by holding down while pressing z, everyone’s standard jump button.

Bill R: Bill from Contra is hands down the monster in this game. His gun and abilities are pretty standard. At first that is. But just collect those flowers and his gun gets the same devastating abilities it had in Contra. Getting the machine gun power is just the beginning. Wait till you get the multiple spread shot ability and watch him literally mow down opponents. Clearly the character to use if you want to finish the game with the least effort.

There they all are. Enjoy playing this great game!


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