Games like Mario Crossover

Mario Crossover is a great game where the old legends of classic video games are rolled together in the original game of Mario. It’s a fun game to play especially if you grew up playing games like this. But it you want to try other games that also have the same basic run, gun, and jump platform style of gameplay there are other games to also choose from. These games are very similar to Mario Crossover. Some of their characters even appear in Mario Crossover.

Mario Adventure 2

mario adventure 2

Just like Mario adventure this game stars Mario and the gameplay is exactly the same. The only difference in this game is the simpler presentation as the enemies are not as numerous and the graphics are actually much better. Mario actually looks more 3D and colorful here. But the core gameplay is intact. You must collect coins to increase your number of lives in the game. Along the way you must either avoid or kill enemies by stomping on them. And there are also platforms here that you must run to reach and jump onto.

Enemies are also the same as you will encounter the plants, walking heads and turtles. They also are killed the same way and behave in the same manner as previous games. The levels and platforms are however a bit higher and harder to clear in this game.

Super Mario Bros Flash

super mario flash

Just like the other games you control Mario or Luigi and have them running and jumping through various levels. As always collecting enough coins will increase your lives and you must also face numerous enemies like the turtles, plants and walking heads. Just be careful when you stomp on a turtle. If you don’t stomp him twice he can walk again.

Plants cannot be stomped on but only appear in pipes.

Walking heads can be found all over the game. But they are relatively slow and can easily be stomped on.

Turtles can be killed by stomping on them twice. But if they roll on you with their shell you will also take damage and can die as well.

Collecting mushrooms will increase your size and make you harder to kill. When you’re bigger, you will take 2 hits before you die. Collecting a star will give you temporary invincibility. And collecting a flower will give you the chance to fire fireballs at your opponents.



Megaman  Project X


One of Megaman’s old games of his series. The gameplay is very similar to Mario Crossover. Just like it, the main character also runs along levels and must jump to platforms of various height. He also has a gun that fires pellets and can be charged to fire a single powerful shot just like Megaman in Mario Crossover. He has a lifebar which is different from the other characters in Mario Crossover. This ensures that a certain number of hits from enemies will kill him. As always, you must run, jump, and avoid enemies while taking them down using your own gun.

Here is a list of the enemies before the boss:


Attacks you kamikaze style. Still very easy to kill with your blaseter.


tough armor is offset by the fact that they can’t move and their rate of fire is actually slow. They can only fire in a single direction as well.


Slow moving but persistent. It’s good to take them down immediately.

Sniper Joe:

He’s the toughest non-boss as he has a shield, a gun and grenades. He can be impervious to damage when he uses the shield. He still has a pattern so he’s still unbeatable.


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