Mario Crossover 3

Mario Crossover 3 is the a game that pays homage to old school gaming and all the old characters that came with it. The characters are instantly recognizable if you’ve played video games for a long while or if you grew up playing video games. If you have, it will be refreshing to see Mario and a host of other classic video game characters making an appearance here.

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The game

Mario crossover 3 brings together Mario and other notable retro gaming superstars. You can select them and use them to play Super Mario 1. The gameplay becomes different per character because many of them retain the same skills they had from the games they were plucked out of. Simon still has his whip from Castlevania, Magaman still fires his peashooter, and Bill R. still packs a mean gun from Contra. The effect is various options per character in the game.

The Characters

Mario: Mario leads the cast of retro superstars in the game. Controlling him is a cinch and his gameplay is tailor made for the game, simply because it really was his game originally! Run, jump and stomp over your opponents while collecting power ups. As from the old Mario games, collecting a mushroom will have Mario increase in size and therefore take 2 hits to get killed, and collecting a flower will give him the ability to shoot fireballs.

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Simon:  Simon Belmont retains his patented whip from the Castlevania series. He can also do a double jump by pressing jump twice in mid air. He can also throw axes as a secondary weapon just like in his game. Collecting flowers will increase his axe count.

Samus: Samus from Metroid retains his gun. Collecting a mushroom increases it’s range and if you press down at the same time as the jump button he will curl up into a ball. Pressing the fire button while in this state releases a mine. Just a little bit hard to set up the mine though which makes Samus, a character for experts.

Link: Link from the Legend of Zelda, main asset is his special weapon. By pressing S, Link throws his boomerang. This can stun opponents actually freezing them and leaving them open for him to stab them with his sword. Using the sword on it’s own without the boomerang isn’t recommended as it has very short range.

Megaman: Megaman retains his peashooter from his Megaman games. And just like in those games, pressing and holding the fire button will have him release a charged shot. He can also do a slide by pressing the jump and down button. It’s not really that useful however. Still a balanced character for the game. Experts and average gamers can use him very well.

Bill R: Hands down the most dangerous character in the game. Bill R. is the character with the potential to do major damage. This is because he retains his gun from the Contra series. When not charged, it’s really nothing special. But collect a flower and it becomes a machine gun that can take down any opponent on the screen. And you can get a flower again, which gives it the spreadshot ability which can fire multiple shots all over the screen. That can really wipe out enemies.

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Because the game and the characters are all old school you can’t expect graphical greatness. But that’s not the point. The game is all about retro gaming and playing to have great fun. In this aspect the game is presented really well and will have a lot of gamers playing it. This is a great game to play.


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